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South Africa, a home, nation, kingdom, place of hope and belonging. Every country in the world has something unique and special about it, but what stands out in South Africa is its people,their diversity, cultures, tribes, pride and beauty, which are the building blocks and foundation of this country. History has made this nation what it is today; some things can be forgotten because it’s in the past, but not our culture, and not just a single culture but a diversity of cultures makes us who we are. 

What is Heritage? What is the significance of it? Why is it celebrated? Well to answer that, first the word Heritage is defined as something that belongs or given to you by birth an inheritance hence South Africa has made it a holiday where all are privileged to share their culture, tradition and beliefs with each other. This day reminds us, who we are as cultured beings. 

Each culture has a unique aspect about it, which showcases the beauty of God's creation. The representation of each culture is the heritage that its people celebrate, cherish and tell stories of.

Having an identity as mentioned before shows a place of belonging; it is one way to be appreciated and recognized for who you are and where you come from. There is just something outstanding about identity and belonging. 

This beautiful diversity has moved from our homes to schools, communities, working environments and internationally in which so many have been influenced, in so many ways, it has given everyone the freedom and opportunity to meet, interact, to communicate and work with each other. Being mindful that previously it was not easy for us to do so. The past may have done damage to the way things ought to be done culturally but has not broken our cultures, each still stands with pride: Xhosa, Sotho, Zulu, Setswana, and many more. 

It hurts to see one not honouring where they come from. We are born to live, give, love, receive all this is taught to us by our roots. Each individual has a perfect representation an identity that can be held on to and shared with the world. The corporate and transportation world has embraced this concept widely; working side by side with a mixture of people from different backgrounds. Allowing one to gain, learn as much knowledge as possible from a mind set aside from your own. 

Transportation is a method that attracts people from all walks of life, and drivers have the opportunity to meet different people every day, to communicate with them, exchange thoughts and ideas. This diversity has also expanded the amount of languages an average South African speaks leading to more inclusivity and comfortability. 

Comfortability is important while using public transports, it is very important to keep your clients happy and satisfied. There’s no hierarchy in culture, there just can not be, that is why we should all be treated the same and treat each other with respect, dignity and love. A lot of international people may not understand the languages spoken but due to Ubuntu (meaning humanity feeling or kindness, having compassion for another) that is amongst the different cultures one may enjoy the atmosphere of being surrounded these cultures. 

The transportation world has and will always be privileged to engage with this diversity. This is therefore a lesson for the whole of South Africa, to take time to stop, look around and appreciate your neighbor, welcome them in your space, one would say drivers can do this cause they have no choice but it therefore

it has becomes a lifestyle, where they can accommodate everyone. 

Heritage should be celebrated and spoken about every day, everytime and everywhere, it’s encouraging to know who is next to you and where they from, this limits our judgments and give sus the liberty to love the hate. People have they agreements and disagreements, but we are all united and as one, what we do or say may be different yet our hearts will continue to live and speak of where we come from. This is the reason South Africa does not need to say much but its people say it all. 

“Our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build our nation" – Nelson Mandela

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