Vandalism at Rea Vaya stations and bridges

Date: 2019/05/31 / Author: ReaVaya Admin / Category: Latest News

Vandalism is the action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property.

On Wednesday, a Rea Vaya bus was torched during the protest action in Soweto. We have seen this happen once too often whenever there is a service delivery protest. We condemn the vandalism of Rea Vaya stations and bridges.

Bridges like the Grayston bridge have also been vandalized, cables and metal are stolen which prevents the beautiful lights to come alive at night.

The City is affected hugely because it costs millions to repair and people are inconvenienced because there would be a bus short, or a station closed, or an area affected where it is impossible for the bus to stop.When a station is closed people are forced to work to their nearest station or find alternative ways of travel.

Why damage public infrastructure that is meant for the public. We have Rea Vaya Bosmont station and Westbury set alight in the past and Phase 1C Yeoville station vandalized.


Vandalism at Rea Vaya stations and bridges
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