Date: 2019/05/27 / Author: ReaVaya Admin / Category: Latest News

Along with the concept of creating a first ever Bus Rapid Transport system in Gauteng, the City of Joburg had to include special bus stations allocated for Rea Vaya buses, with glass walls and striking red and navy colours dominating, which are seen at all stations and cannot be mistaken for another bus service. The colours represent the Rea Vaya brand.

The stations have been strategically placed in the middle of the road with dedicated bus lanes and are on main routes. The bus routes are seen with prefix T, F and C as per route between Joburg City centre and other areas.

All stations offer universal access, with level boarding and it has been made easier for people with wheelchairs, prams or baggage to get in and out of our buses.

Every station has a cashier where a Rea Vaya smartcard can be purchased or toped up.


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